Phillips Seed Garlic

Phillips Seed Garlic

One Bulb

Phillips Seed Garlic is not only hard to find online, but we fairly charge half the price than most.

Plantable (and edible) whole bulbs of Phillips Seed Garlic. Best when planted in October/November for Summer Harvest. 

Certified Naturally Grown

Similar to Russian Red in clove number, scape, form, and hardiness. Phillips Garlic skin has a grey base with rose-purple streaking. Capable of large size heads in every harvest. The flavor earthy, and a little less spicy than Carpatian Hardneck. Maybe cause it was so long in Mane dirt? Again, a hand-me-down from Roberta Bailey of Seven Tree Farm.Georgian Fire Garlic Most powerful, hot raw Garlic variety. Great for salsa, salad dressings, and much more!  

Produces mostly Large-sized cloves, and some Medium. 

Best when planted in the ground when 4-8 weeks of 40 degrees Farenheit, with foliage appearing in early Spring and harvest in Summer.


Certified Naturally Grown Garlic

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