Our Beef

Born, raised and grazed to finish on our farm in Floyd, Virginia

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  • We believe that all animals should be treated humanely and with care.
  • Our cattle are outside, on pasture, and never kept in confinement.
  • We practice rotational grazing, a grazing system of moving cows to fresh ground frequently to improve the land and mimic the natural patterns of wild ruminant herds.
  • We do not feed antibiotics to our animals. In the rare case that an animal becomes sick we will treat them with antibiotics.
  • We feed a forage-based diet consisting of pasture for the Spring, Summer and Fall months and hay in the Winter months.They are finished in the pastures on grass. Our animals are never crowded into a feedlot.
  • Our beef is dry-aged, approximately 21 days in a cool room, to maximize flavor and tenderness.

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The flat iron steak (in an Asian marinade and grilled) is amazing paired with an a salad made with Kat’s beautiful curly pink Endive!
Sharon M. (Floyd, VA)
I am a broth maker and I was excited when I found bones for beef broth. The bones came from Fields Edge and I was eager to make a vat of broth. Oh my. It was so gelatinous and delicious – some of the best. And I attribute the quality to Fields Edge
Candace C. (Dugspur, VA)