Specialty Produce

Certified Naturally Grown Produce, fresh from the field to your kitchen.

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Fresh & Floyd Grown

Our regenerative farming practices reflect our deep reverence for the soil, the land, and our responsibility as stewards of the earth for future generations. On five of the flattest acres of the Slusher Valley, our produce crew works diligently to grow and tend the vegetable crops with care. Centered on soil health, our growing practices are inspired by efficient market farming techniques which include cover cropping, beneficial insect habitat, crop rotation and diversity. If the farmer’s goal is healthy soil, the plants can thrive and pests won't win. The result is exceptionally beautiful and healthy vegetables, picked at peak freshness and packaged in a Food Safety Certified (HGAP) Packhouse Facility.

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Our grassroots alternative to certified organic

Certified Naturally Grown means: No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMO seeds. Annual farm inspections done by farmers or customers designed for family-sized farms, not agribusiness. Click here to learn more about what it takes to be a CNG farm.

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Farmers Markets

Each Saturday we send a selection of our freshest produce and meats to the Floyd Farmers Market and The Grandin Village Farmers Market. Our booths showcase the widest selection of our farm products in one place. These markets are also supplying pre-order systems in light of the recent health crisis. Order HERE for Roanoke pick up, or HERE for Floyd Pick up.


Fields Edge Produce is harvested, washed and packed for regional delivery to grocers, restaurants and food hubs throughout the year. Crop lists go out weekly to let you know what is ready for harvest. We tailor our growing plan annually to meet the needs of our wholesale customers and maintain high food safety and sanitation standards (HGAP). Contact us if you would like to become a wholesale customer.

Farm Kitchen

Our farm kitchen turns our farm raised crops into culinary delights. We are currently producing a line of specialty pepper flakes, dried herbs, and our amazing Black Garlic! 

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Where to Find Our Fresh Produce


Chateau Morissette, Floyd VA
Floyd Country Store, Floyd VA
Local Roots, Roanoke VA
River and Rail, Roanoke VA
Bloom, Roanoke VA
Alexanders, Roanoke VA

Blue Ridge Catering, VA


Floyd Farmers Market, Floyd VA
Grandin Village Farmers Market, Roanoke VA
Harvest Moon Food Store, Floyd VA
Slaughters Supermarket, Floyd VA
Roanoke Natural Foods, Roanoke VA
Riverstone Farm Store, Floyd VA
The Bread Basket, Floyd VA

Grateful Produce, Bent Mountain VA

Food Hubs

Loca-motive Aggregator, Floyd VA
LEAP, Roanoke VA
4p Foods + Local Food Hub, Ivy VA
Happy Dirt, Durham NC
New Appalachian Foods, Fleetwood NC

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