Marrow Bones

Marrow Bones

Average Weight: 2.0 lbs
$7.00 /lb.
Avg. 2 lb.

These bones are cross cut long with marrow in the center and can be used to make drinking broth or as a nice treat for your furry friends.

Bone marrow contains several health-promoting compounds, including collagen, conjugated linoleic acid, glycine, and glucosamine. While research is limited on the health benefits of bone marrow itself, these compounds have been linked to decreased inflammation, better skin health, and improved joint function. These bones will contain more meat & marrow than our soup bones and come in packages of 2-4 bones.

Combine marrow bones with soup and knuckle bones to create a well rounded and flavorful broth.


Dry Aged, Grass Fed Beef No nitrites | No nitrates | Hormone Free | Antibiotic Free