Fields Edge Sausage Collection Bundle

Fields Edge Sausage Collection Bundle

7 pack variety sausage includes Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Cajun, Merguez, Chorizo, Kielbasa, and Breakfast links

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Looking for beef sausage and not sure which to choose? Make the decision easy with our Fields Edge Sausage Collection Bundle. You get a variety of seven delicious flavors for the price of six. Included in each bundle are the following:

4 links Hot Italian Sausage

4 links Sweet Italian Sausage

4 links Cajun Sausage

4 links Merguez Sausage

4 links Chorizo Sausage

4 links Fresh Kielbasa

8 links Breakfast Sausage


Dry aged, Grass fed Beef No nitrites | No nitrates | Hormone Free | Antibiotic Free